Sensation Bass Spinning Combo

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The popular Ready-to-Fish Sensation Bass Spinning Combo includes

  • Sensation Dark Shadow rod and reel
  • P-Line FloroClear
  • Rapala Magnum lure
  • Sensation Tiger Spoon

Adventure Playground will include set up instructions and videos with this product!

Sensation Dark Shadow rod and reel.   The Dark Shadow rod & reel setup is designed to hunt Lunker bass in the thickest structure, where they lurk in the dark shadows.

P-Line FloroClear is a combination of tough P-Line co-polymer with a fluorocarbon coating that reduces the line's visibility when immersed in water. The combination of the two materials enhances the strength of the fluorocarbon line with the addition of the co-polymer and gives the low stretch and abrasion resistance characteristics of fluorocarbon to the co-polymer. The line diameters are less than P-Line CXX and the breaking strengths are also lower for each line rating. This line handles quite well even on a spinning reel and can be used in the higher strength ratings even for finesse fishing.

Rapala’s Magnum lures are regarded by many anglers as the best big fish lures worldwide. In fact, IGFA records confirm that these are the world's number one saltwater hard bodied lure. Built to take the abuse of hard hitting fish like blues, tarpon, tuna and wahoo, Rapala Magnum lures are rigged saltwater tough. VMC Perma Steel hooks can stand up to heavy strikes and tough jaws all day and all hardware is rugged and corrosion resistant for premium performance.

Sensation Pro Series Tiger Spoons feature a double blade to create a loud, fish attracting, clacking sound. Two sizes are available 17g and 24g. Pro Series Tiger Spoons are fitted with ultra sharp & super strong 5/0 2 tiger Hooks.