Gerber MP600 Multi-tool

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Gerber Multi-Plier 600 (Blunt Nose) As the #1 selling multi-tool platform to the US military, the MP600 series has seen it all. Serving those who serve, this tool is built to be tough and accessible. A one-hand opening design is crucial, as is the durable stainless body, the variety of 14 tools and multiple versions that are specialized for any situation.

A Gerber MP600 that not only does everything your other MPs do, it can go anywhere, thanks to being built for compliance with “No Knife” policies. It’s part of a series of one-hand opening Gerber multi-tools used heavily by the US military. Carrying a Gerber MP600 gives you maximum flexibility in addressing life’s daily problems, and the MP600 Bladeless means you can do so even in limiting circumstances.


  • Travel friendly tool Complies with “no knife” policy in the workplace
  • One-hand opening
  • RulerScissors
  • Flathead screwdriver – 3 sizes
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Bottle opener
  • File Rotatable, replaceable carbide cutters
  • Replaceable RemGrit saw
  • Can opener
  • Black oxide coated
  • Made in the USA