Tiger Fishing Combo

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The Ready-to-Fish Simano Tiger  Fishing Combo includes:

  • Shimano Nexave tiger Rod and reel
  • Braided line
  • Rapala lure
  • Tiger Spoon

Adventure Playground will include set up instructions and videos with this product!

The Shimano Nexave Tiger rod is a fast action, stiff rod capable of casting with the power required to set the hooks effectively in the tiger fish's bony mouth.

The new Nexave FE is the updated version of the well-known Nexave FD. This new reel is a front drag spinning reel which can be used for all kinds of freshwater fishing. Due to the 3 stainless steel ball bearings, the reel runs smooth and as as expected from a reel Shimano reel, the drag is perfectly adjustable and will help you fight big fish without any problems. The Nexave FE is an affordable reel for anglers who have just started fishing and want to experience the quality of Shimano reels.

Rapala’s Magnum lures are regarded by many anglers as the best big fish lures worldwide. In fact, IGFA records confirm that these are the world's number one saltwater hard bodied lure. Built to take the abuse of hard hitting fish like blues, tarpon, tuna and wahoo, Rapala Magnum lures are rigged saltwater tough. VMC Perma Steel hooks can stand up to heavy strikes and tough jaws all day and all hardware is rugged and corrosion resistant for premium performance.

Sensation Pro Series Tiger Spoons feature a double blade to create a loud, fish attracting, clacking sound. Two sizes are available 17g and 24g. Pro Series Tiger Spoons are fitted with ultra sharp & super strong 5/0 Tiger 2 Hooks.